Nigel Cabourn x Yuketen - The Army Gym - Nigel Cabourn


The best of all worlds come from a wonderful matrimony between British outerwear specialist, Nigel Cabourn, and authentically made-in-USA Yuketen. The collaboration of both labels brings a nostalgic old-world feel from the British gentry into the great American outdoors. The Army Gym collection takes on the silhouette of Yuketen's classic hunting boots, crafted from a mix of American handmade leather and classic British harris tweed picked by Nigel Cabourn. The limited edition collection is available in three colorways (Brown, Navy and Black), all featuring a mix of Yuketen leather upper, signature crepe soles and paired with Nigel Cabourn's harris tweed and matching laces. Put a classy touch into your fall outdoor wardrobe with these sturdy numbers. The black and navy version will be available exclusively at The Army Gym - Nigel Cabourn in Tokyo while the brown version will also be available at BEAMS. via: Openers

THE ARMY GYM - Nigel Cabourn
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Tokyo, Japan