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HomeRoom - Holiday 2009 - American Rejects

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Traditional American values of diligence, physical hard work and outdoor life has made a revival this year in every faucet which embodies "lifestyle". In terms of fashion, American work wear and outdoor gear had incorporated themselves seamlessly into many collections almost to the point of redundancy that new items rarely fazes anyone anymore. However, San Francisco's HomeRoom manages to not only capture attention, but also imagination with its Holiday 2009 "American Rejects" collection.

Inspired by the hardworking American from the thirties to the fifties but putting a slightly rebellious yet relevant twist, the American Rejects collection is a line-up of classics that reflect progressive changes in aesthetics and style. Think wardrobe staples such as peacoats and varsity jackets that epitomize American life through the ages but remixed with new elements. The varsity jacket retains classic elements such as leather sleeves and molten wool body, but are kept clean and up-to-date in all black; and rather than snap on buttons, HomeRoom adopted hooks for a twist. As for the peacoat, the ever-relevant number is given a rounded collar as opposed to the traditional lapel and it also features cross-stitch details underneath that adds an element of surprise when the wearer pops his collar. Leather buttoned straps gives the peacoat a navy uniform look from afar but is slightly cooler with touches of rock up close. Both items are now available online for order at the