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Incase - New Gaming Covers For Apple iPhone + iPod Touch | Topo Cover + Orb Cover

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The popularity of the Apple iPod Touch is such that some gaming analysts predict it to outpace the sales of most handheld gaming platforms out in the market today, with the exception of Nintendo DS. With that in mind, Irwindale-base Incase recently introduced 2 brand new casings/covers for the popular media platform - Topo Gaming Cover & Orb Gaming Cover.

Comprised of the same injection-molded rubber found on many of Incase's products, the 2 new covers are durable and doubled as shock absorbers to minor drops and slips. Slots and openings give direct access to all the device's functions and features. What's more, the sculpted grooves, in the form of topographical maps for Topo and orbits for Orbs, give user added grip to the device. The newly created ergonomic supports, or "bumps", on the 2 ends provide comfortable support to those long hours of gaming while in the horizontal position. Both Incase Topo Gaming Cover and Orb Gaming Cover come in an assorted of colorways, such as Royal Blue, Orange, Turquoise and Acid Green. Like most iPod Touch accessories, the covers fit perfectly with Apple iPhone as well. Currently available at Incase online store. Just in time for the holiday season.


Incase - Topo Gaming Cover


Incase - Topo Gaming Cover - Black


Incase - Topo Gaming Cover - Red


Incase - Topo Gaming Cover - Acid Green


Incase - Topo Gaming Cover - Light Turquoise


Incase - Topo Gaming Cover - Royal Blue


Incase - Topo Gaming Cover - Magenta


Incase - Orb Gaming Cover


Incase - Orb Gaming Cover - Royal Purple


Incase - Orb Gaming Cover - Royal Blue


Incase - Orb Gaming Cover - Black


Incase - Orb Gaming Cover - Acid Green