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Maestro Knows - NYC Edition (13th Witness)

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The latest episode of Maestro Knows takes us with Maestro through New York City on his last day of visit. As Maestro hung out with 13th Witness journeyed from Washington Square Park to Houston Street's Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein billboard, then onward to Coney Island, the duo meets a special guest, Nike 6.0's BMX rider Nigel Sylvester. Listen to Maestro's thoughts about 13th Witness and also see what the duo (including special guest Sylvester) has to say about NYU, Coney Island, all things New York, and a new collaborative website to launch on January 1st 2010. Nothing like seeing a new place through the eyes of Maestro, check out the video which boasts Sylvester and 13th Witness in action doing their thing.