Nike x (RED) - (Nike)RED Laces | Available Now


Announced just before the World AIDS Day, the new partnership between Nike and the charity organization (RED) will foster a collection specifically designed for the (PRODUCT)RED initiative starting with the new (Nike)RED Laces.   Created with the world's most popular sport in mind, the new (Nike)RED Laces permits easy lace up on any football (soccer) cleats in all men, women, and children sizes.   But the versatile laces could make the transitions onto any sneakers or footwear as well.   100% of the proceeds from sale will support 2 important programs - Global Fund, which oversee distribution of medicine, treatment, and eduction on AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria in Africa and soccer-base programs to help fight the spread of AIDS in Africa. The (Nike)RED Laces are currently available at and all Nike Store locations worldwide.

Style: 407308-001
Color: Red