W+K Studio - Quality Pie Tee


For those who grew up on the scenic lands of Portland, other than gorgeous bodies of water, hillsides, and Nike headquarters, Quality Pie on NW 23rd Street is a landmark many will hold fond memories of. Once a 24-hr joint serving slices of quality pie and great American comfort food to hipsters, rock-stars, poets, gamers, alcoholics...basically people from all walks and stages of life, the well-loved restaurant and landmark shut its doors, lights and whatever pie-making facility it possessed. Now all that remains of the restaurant is a sign that resides on the third floor of the Weiden+Kennedy Portland. If you reminisce and miss the glorious dining institution once staple to Portland, now you can feed your nostalgia with a tee created by W+K Studio featuring the logo of Quality Pie printed on a soft American Apparel tee. This may not be the pie, but it can last an eternity for you if need be (unlike the now departed dining spot.) Now available for order via: W+K Studio.