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FUTURA LABORATORIES - 60/40 Cloth Atomic Ring Mountain Parka

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Long before hi technology, it is said that the 60/40 cloth had been used widely for outdoor and mountain gear because of it's natural tendency to repel water. 60/40 is the blend of 60% cotton on the horizontal thread while 40% nylon is used on the vertical thread. This combination of materials provide good water resistance and also warmth for the wearer.

FUTURA LABORATORIES have taken this classic 60/40 cloth and turned out their own version of the Atomic Ring Mountain Parka. There are draw strings on the waist, hip and around the neck for maximum comfort and fitting. On the inside lining of the hood is the signature atomic ring pattern by FUTURA in contrast colors while on the outer shell of the jacket is a solid color of orange, beige, black or blue. On the front of the parka are two pockets on each side with shiny silver button detailing finishing off the classic silhouette.