Nike Sportswear - Spring 2010 Collection - Air Max BW Gen II | Preview

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After the closing ceremony, the flame extinguished, and the audience dissipated, Nike's engineers are still tweaking, still striving for that perfect balance between the demands of athletic performance and everyday needs. A formulation which resulted in a new technical component - Torch. To summarize, Nike Torch takes on characteristics of 3 traditionally separate components found on athletic footwear. The diamond-like lattice work exterior protects and retain the rigidity of the sneaker. A middle layer provides added support. Finally, an inner layer wick moisture plus breathability. In all. the new Nike Torch is an integrated system with unprecedented features that will be incorporated into the classic Nike silhouette of Air Max BW Gen II. Similar to most of Nike footwear that will be launch in 2010.   The redesigned Air Max BW Gen II will be produced under the strict guideline of Nike Considered in reducing waste, promoting recycled materials, and environmentally sound manufacturing process.   And as 2010 progresses, Torch will be introduce on additional Nike models, such as Air Force 1 and Air Maxim 1. All as part of Nike Sportswear Spring 2010 Collection.