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ABSOLUT x Zooey Deschanel x Kate Beckingsale x Ellen Von Unwerth

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While vodka connoisseurs may all have their favorites in terms of smoothness and taste, it's hard for anyone to disagree that ABSOLUT Vodka has one of the best advertising campaigns around in terms of liquor purveyors. This time around, the label stepped out of creative packaging and witty taglines and went with the traditional advertising approach--sex appeal. Enlisting the help of Kate Beckingsale and Zooey Deschanel, two ladies whom nerds, geeks and regular boys all over the world celebrate and drool over (think the sci-fi Underworld and 500 Days of Summer), to be the spokeswomen of its latest campaign. Of course, shot by Ellen Von Unwerth (who is responsible for those provocative Guess ads we all know too well), these photo spreads are sexually charged and cater to every man's fantasy. Would you like a pink technicolor girl from the future a la Zooey? Or a velvety vampire lady a la Kate? Dilemma? You don't have to decide now. You have all the time to scrutinize and enjoy these ads just as we all did.