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Air Jordan Silver Anniversary Collection - Part 4

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Many Jordan fans have been waiting patiently as the whole Silver Anniversary line of Air Jordans has been unveiled over the past few days. We are now in the 4th installment, with only one to go. We've seen some standout models in parts one, two, and three so far. In this series, we get a look at the IV (4), IX (9), XIV (14),   XIX (19), and 2009. Many have been awaiting the Air Jordan IV, as it's one of the most popular models, and it's been released in white versions in the past--with chrome accents, and another time with green to name a couple. In this Air Jordan IV, there is the stark white netting and lacing accents that make this maybe the cleanest version of this sneaker ever released. The Air Jordan 9 is another standout all-white model, as all the contours appear more pronounced in it's white form here. Now there is only one more day to go to see the entire line. Check in tomorrow to see the final installment.