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MEDICOM TOY x Disney - Mickey Mouse Franken Version | Release Information

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It's post Halloween, but there is never enough twisted versions of our favorite childhood cartoon characters to feed our somber adult fantasies. Just in time for some Christmas gifting for friends who love SAW as much as they loved Disney, MEDICOM TOY, released a Frankenstein version of Mickey Mouse. With hands outstretched, face rendered tepid blue and soles threatening to detach from the rest of the shoes, this zombie-fied Mickey Mouse catches on to the latest undead craze sweeping the nation. No wonder Mickey Mouse remains jolly well alive and popular after decades of its debut-- because, if all else fails, MEDICOM TOY has the technology and can rebuild the mouse! Dropping tomorrow at INVINCIBLE EAST, promptly at 2PM alongside OriginalFake Holiday 2009 collection, so get your plastics ready!
Release Date: December 5th (Saturday) | 2PM