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OriginalFake - Holiday 2009 | Release Information

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As previously reported, OriginalFake is Christmas-ready with their Holiday 2009 collection. Featuring holiday-appropriate splashes of red with never-go-wrong black, the Holiday 2009 collection is a solid capsule collection of winter staples. 2 Tone X Knit Cap, Cashmere Knit Sweater and Socks all received the OriginalFake treatment and are dressed up in the label's signature crosses. Just enough graphics to be distinctly OriginalFake but subtle enough to be a step more sophisticated than blatant graphics we are used to from labels, the Holiday 2009 collection is a great gift for all regardless of their level of attachment to OriginalFake. All items will be available at INVINCIBLE EAST this Saturday, Dec. 5, dropping promptly at 2pm.