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Steven Alan - Men's Wool Camp Glove

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While it's easy to hitch on the trend train of American outdoor wear, most are achieving that effortless, nature-loving look with Woolrich Woolen Mills' plaid button downs, corduroy pants, a chunky knit from Pendleton and perhaps a stylish pair of hiking sneaker boots by adidas Originals and Ransom. While many labels have apparel covered, choices in accessories seem some what limited, especially in the glove department. While many labels do have the staple leather gloves, but those do convey more of a biker vibe than nice-guy-who-loves-to-hike feel. In comes Steven Alan with a great pair of Men's Wool Camp Glove. Featuring a mix of Woolrich plaid on one side with supple leather on the other, these are the gloves your hands and wardrobe have been begging to have. For those who can't live without their iPhones and Blackberries, the glove also comes with slits in thumb for easy texting. These are now available online via: Steven Alan, so check them out!