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FTC x Burton - 3L Slick | FTC Exclusive

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San Francisco's FTC had been around since skateboarding evolved from a surf culture sport into a part of the urban life back in the early nineties. For the past 25 years, FTC had shared a committed relationship with Burton, and to commemorate the past quarter of a century, both labels decided to create the 3L Slick jacket as a celebratory item. The 3L Slick features a cool palette for greens and blues with a lightweight Dryride Duracell 3-layer coated construction and lining helps the wearer stay warm and breathable. The smoke-patterned zipper and lining contrasts with the deep turquoise outer. Of course, other than being waterproof and insulated, the jacket also comes with reflective stripes for night riding and mp3 pocket for a shredding empowering soundtrack. The jacket is available exclusively at FTC San Francisco and FTC Japan. via: Cool Hunting