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NEXUSVII (7) - Bags + Zipped Cases

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Japanese brand NEXUSVII is known for their apparel line that is contemporary casual wear and they have released some accessories as part of their current collection. An orthodox styled shoulder bag that looks like an old postman's bag in two colorways. Black is their signature color and blue is also produced to compliment the pair. Large NEXUSVIII is printed on the front flap in retro 3D font in two tone. Shoulder strap has been given rubber reinforcements updating the functionality.

On the other hand the Zipped Case is more modern in styling leaning towards minimalist aesthetic. As with the prior piece, black is used for this case that is detailed with leather quarter panel on the bottom stitched up by white thread. On the center of the case is a small NEXUSVII tag in white with red text. via: colette