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HEAD PORTER x Baxter of California - Limited Edition Custom Travel Kit

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The line between a refined dandy and average Joe lies in a a simple yet complicated act of grooming. Relatively easy to understand in concept but difficult perfect, grooming is probably one of the most difficult questions to be answered aside from acquiring the perfect suit. Luckily for men and envious for the ladies, Baxter Finley streamlined the process of grooming into easy steps with a line of products that can only be described by perfection.

The story of Baxter Finely started when he moved to sunny California in the glorious 60s to work in the field of advertising. While toiling in the unforgiving heat, Baxter's skin took a hefty toll and he started looking for something that will protect his skin. After a long and sadly fruitless search for the perfect moisturizer, Baxter did what all other smart, problem solvers would-- he made his own moisturizer. Named Super Shape, the moisturizer became the first product to launch with his first men's grooming label, Baxter of California. After the line launched in 1965, Baxter expanded the line and came up with toners, night cream, eye serums, soap and shaving cream. Before he knew it, Baxter for California became a smash hit with all men who care-- be it the guy next door, Wall Street type or Hollywood hotshots.

Fast forward almost 4 decades and some later, Baxter is now the household name synonymous with luxurious, cutting-edge skin care system. Partnering up with the bag label, HEAD PORTER, which shares a similar undying dedication to excellence with Baxter, the labels created a limited edition custom travel kit for men on the road to still be able to enjoy unparalleled luxury in grooming. The travel kit includes every essential basics such as the daily face wash, oil-free moisturizer, Super Close Shave Formula, After Shave Balm, Daily Protein Shampoo and a special edition travel shave brush. All the travel-sized items are housed in a special HEAD PORTER nylon bag which unzips to three removable compartments, and the bag is stamped with the traditional HEAD PORTER woven logo in Baxter Blue. The kit is now available for order online via: Baxter of California-- a necessity for men on the go because cleanliness is godliness, and a little grooming goes a long way. Images via: reed space