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Billionaire Boys Club + Ice Cream London Satellite Store

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Pharrell Williams and NIGO's joint sartorial venture of Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream has captured the hearts and minds of many with intriguing, whimsical graphics and designs for luxury street wear. The labels' items are well stocked at some of the world's most popular boutiques and retailers of today such as Paris' colette, Berlin's Firmament and London's Selfridges. While BBC/Ice Cream are easily accessible to fans through their retail stores stateside, and in Japan and Hong Kong, those living in other countries often have to rely on online shopping and local retailers. Taking their retail business into a different dimension, BBC/Ice Cream had just opened its first temporary satellite store in London, right next to BAPE. The satellite store might be temporary, but it aims to reflect the atmosphere of BBC/Ice Cream flagships around the world. Limited edition and exclusive items will be offered on a platter topped with original BBC/Ice Cream retail ambiance.

Aside from material offerings, the BBC/Ice Cream Satellite Store also plays host to photographer Neil Bedford's first solo exhibition. Neil Bedford chronicled N*E*R*D during the group's British tour last summer and gained personal access to the band members. Striking monochrome photographs from his summer with the band will be put up for the exhibition at the satellite store. While the closing date is yet to be disclosed, since the store is a fleeting occurrence, those who are in town and do intend to drop by should do so very soon. via: BBC/Ice Cream

Billionaire Boys Club & Ice Cream Satellite Store

38 Beak Street | Map
London W1F9, UK

Opening Date: December 12th (Saturday)