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Nike Sportswear Japan - Blazer Revival Pack

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In 1972, the first line of Nike shoes came into the sports game when Nike was still known as Blue Ribbon Sports. In that first collection of Nike sneakers, some of the silhouettes released then are still strong favorites among sneaker heads today such as the Bruin and the Blazer. The Blazer has established itself to be a sneaker staple and has a loyal following since it was first brought into the game in 1972. Originally intended for the basketball court, the Blazer became a fast popular model among players until the 80s when Air Force 1 took over the scene. During that time, Blazer found its new place in the world with skateboarding culture and extreme sports. This holiday as we are nearing the starting of a new decade, Nike Sportswear Japan decided to revive the Blazer with a pack of ten Blazers in fresh, eye-popping colorways. The autoclave shoes stay simple in design and let the myriad of colors speak for themselves. The collection features every imaginable color ranging from the classic blacks and whites, casual greys that can do no wrong to neon pink numbers for girls and bright yellow shades for boys. Thus far, the new pack of Nike Blazer is a Japan release, so stay tuned for more release information and hopefully these kicks will be blazing their way over to the stateside.