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Ultimate Muscle Kinnikuman x New Era - WM 01 Fitted Military Cap

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Incognito as a seemingly simple headwear, however, the "NK" emblem on the New Era WM 01 Military Cap is a familiar insignia to most manga fans and otakus. It is a reference to Kinnikuman, or Ultimate Muscle, the popular manga/anime series by Yoshinori Nakai and Takashi Shimada. An unlikely plotline that ties in with real wrestling moves and outerspace fantasy. Kinnikuman celebrates the culture of ring side competition and martial arts. So influential is the manga/anime, real-life MMA fighter Caol Uno (宇野薰) collaborated with the franchise earlier this year for its 10th anniversary.

Made from 100% cotton, the Ultimate Muscle Kinnikuman x New Era collaborative edition comes in 2 different versions - white embroidered logos on black and gold embroidered logos on black. Now on sale at New Era and selective manga/anime speciality stores across Japan. The collection is also available at STLESS online store on ZOZO shopping network.