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Michael Stipe x Maison Martin Margiela - The "Michael Stipe For Martin Margiela" Microcassette

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American rock band R.E.M founded by lead vocalist Michael Stipe in Atlanta back in 1980 is often viewed as one of the pioneering alternative rock bands that pushed the genre into popularity in the 90s. Almost 30 years after its formation, Michael Stipe branches off the music industry and has turned to an unlikely ally for collaboration-- avant-garde deconstructionist label, Maison Martin Margiela. The collaboration named The "Michael Stipe For Martin Margiela" Microcassette venture is a limited edition run of jewelry created by Stipe for the fashion label. The music inspired jewelry piece is a silver pendant in the shape of a cassette tape. The wearer can loop ribbons, chains or hooks as he or she pleases through the holes in the cassette tape for a customized look. Only 199 pieces are made and each comes with a special edition notebook individually numbered in Maison Marin Margiela fashion and signed by Stipe. Unique and extremely rare in quantity, the collaborative silver cassette piece is available this month for fans of both parties. Check out the teaser video and get a feel for the piece. So much less generic and much more thoughtful as a Christmas gift than the usual Tiffany & Co. blues, don't you think? video via: ROPtv