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Nike Zoom Kobe V (5) Introduction Videos

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The release of Nike's Zoom Kobe V was a full-blown event, complete with pre-event coverage, the actual release at the LA Froum, and the Nike ID options that followed the release. Along with live blogging and photos to cover the event, Freshness has been all over this release, and now we get a look at some videos from Nike to add to the multimedia coverage. The first video features Creative Director of Nike's Innovation Kitchen, Eric Avar and Senior Researcher of Nike Sports Research Lab (NSRL), Matt Nurse, explaining the need for the sneaker to be lightweight and incredibly cushioned. The cut of the shoe is also explained, as Kobe breaks down some of his own ideas for the shoe. The second video breaks down the extensive inspiration and design involved in the technical specs of the sneaker. It also traces the development of the look of the sneaker, down to the heart wave pattern on the outsole. Another video features the details surrounding the development of the sneaker's unique cushioning and outline. The final video shows a preview of the amazing features available on the NIKEiD site that will customize this shoe in unaccustomed ways, such as the patterning on the mid. Sit back, and take a few minutes to delve into all the nuances of this sneaker.

Nike Zoom Kobe V - Inspiration & Design

Nike Zoom Kobe V - Research & Development

Nike Zoom Kobe V - Personalization Through NIKEiD