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Pendleton x Property Of - Limited Edition Portland Guy Bag

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In 2006, cafe owners and design collaborators Peter Teo and Richard Chamberlain came together, and after numerous cups of joe, they launched Property Of-- a men's fine bags and accessories label which aimed to create items with utility led design. As a such, a collection of clean cut bags and accessories crafted from traditional materials such as waxcloth, vegetable tanned leather to more contemporary materials like tarpaulin and distressed canvas are born.

Playing off the material card, Property Of sought out the popular choice collaborator, Pendleton (remember the label's many collaborations this year including ones with Opening Ceremony, Hurley and Japanese label, Deluxe?), to recreate its popular "Guy Bag" shape into a Portland Pendleton dressed messenger bag. The shopping tote shaped messenger "Guy Bag" has a roomy bottom and has sufficient volume to hold all essentials and more. The upper is created entirely with Pendleton wool plaid, with a sturdy leather base and suede or smooth leather trimming. The straps are adjustable and made from nylon, with a movable leather pad to reduce stress on shoulders. Softly structured, the bags fall into a natural slope depending on your belongings. The bags are available in a limited run at select Bloomingdales nationwide including the ones in New York City and online via: A Continuous Lean Shop. For those who have yet to get in on the heritage woolen plaids, it's time to hop on the Pendleton lined wagon and get with the style program this season.