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Ralph Lauren Rugby - Holiday 2009 - Make Your Own Fashion Show

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Just like everything in the world, there are boon and bane to one of the marvels of modern technology-- online shopping. Sure, shopping online is handy over the holiday season as it eliminates the hassle of standing in strenuous lines at the cashier, fighting soccer moms lurking malls for that last $20 cashmere sweater, and the disappointment of not locating your holy grail. However, online shopping is often a flat and tepid experience especially when it comes to apparel. There's no way of trying on an item before purchase, and the multiple zooms and angled looks don't quite do the items (nor your wallet) justice.

Ralph Lauren Rugby has been an enthusiastic advocate of personalized services for its customers, and thus tailors their products and shopping tools to this effect. Remember the "Rugby Make Your Own" iPhone app which allows you to customize polo shirts with customization patches on your iPhone? This time around, Rugby aims to revolutionize the online shopping experience not with mobile apps but a new online "Make Your Own" Ralph Lauren Rugby Fashion Show. Taking the shopping experience to the 3D level, visitors can create their own fashion shows by dragging looks onto a tool bar, select their favorite tracks (by fresh artists such as the White Lies and Amanda Blanks) for the runway and view their own shows immediately. Check how that plaid coat sways with the body during walks, how the jacket falls comfortably on the shoulders and of course, how the looks would work on a real person--which are rather impossible to do through 2D photographs no matter how wonderful the photography. After getting a better feel of the items, visitors can purchase their favorite pieces immediately via: the "buy-now" option and share it with friends and family via: social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook.

Take a stab at directing your own show this season with all the fun and none of the stress and hassle, and of course, experience a new kind of online shopping that will surely put that "Closer Looks" button on other sites to shame.