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The Official C.I.A Manual Of Trickery And Deception

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In 1953, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) enlisted the help of professional magician John Mulholland to adapt his craft of trickery and deception to espionage, and the project was later documented in what is know as the Lost Magic Manual. According to BBC News, ""the guide was part of a larger CIA programme, called Project MKULTRA, aimed at countering the Soviet mind-control techniques of the Cold War era". While the legendary manuals were believed to have been destroyed in 1973, intelligence historian H. Keith Melton and retired CIA officer Robert Wallace discovered a copy in the declassified CIA archives. The manual of tricks and techniques used for the CIA interrogation program during the Cold War includes placing pills in drinks, stealing documents and avoiding detection. A manual of maneuvers and operational procedures crafted by the top minds of the world is now available for all to peruse. Fulfill you Jason Bourne fantasy this winter with a thrilling read for the slightly less exciting nights on the couch. As for whether you would want to test the tricks out in real's up to your discretion. Order yours through Amazon.