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FUTURA LABORATORIES - Marker Graphic Printed Mini Cushion

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Since the holidays is very much about staying at home and spending quality time with your loved ones, making your home the comfortable space is more than important this time of the year. FUTURA LABORATORIES gives more cushin' for the pushin' rather literally with some swanky mini cushions that are not your run of the mill frilly throw pillows. The set of Marker Graphic Printed Mini Cushions come in a cool mix of colors and prints such as chambray, monochrome, camos and FUTURA's signature Marker Graphics. The printed Marker Graphics have been featured on a number of FUTURA LAB items such as the Marker Graphics Embossed Wallet. The graphics is a mix of marker drawn gears, circles and jagged shapes in FUTURA's freehand style. The cushions are now available for purchase via: the FL SHOP for those looking to spruce up their homes without going through the troubles of a marathon redecoration.