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Hello Kitty x colette x MIMOBOT - Key USB Special Edition Hello Kitty Online

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World of Warcraft now has an adorable competitor in the MMORPG sector in the form of Hello Kitty Online. Set in the world with Hello Kitty and her friends including Keroppi and Badtz-Maru, the MMORPG allows players to wallow in cuteness overload and interact with other places in the virtual world. To celebrate the launch of Hello Kitty Online in Europe, colette has proposed a collaborative project with Sanrio and MIMOCO to create a special USB 2.0 key containing information such as a free software of the game and 28 euros worth of points for users to participate in the dreamy Sanrio world. Of course, in true MIMOBOT fashion, the design of the USB key is nothing short of fun and cheerful. The little USB robot features graphics of Hello Kitty holding a balloon in shape of a pink teddy bear which extends into the cover of the USB and can be removed to reveal the USB stick. The 4GB flash drive comes with a special white bear coat which has an attached hook for easy transportation. Whether one is looking to play the game or simply loves Hello Kitty and would like to acquire a flash drive in shape of Japan's most popular feline, this is a collector's item not to be missed. Now available via: colette.