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HELLZ - "Kills For Thrills" 48 Hour Limited Collection

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Taking the concept of "limited supply" one step further, HELLZ decided that providing the girls with unique criminally fly gear in limited quantities is no longer cutting it. To push the idea one step further, HELLZ is bringing back some popular classic items along with fresh ones for the holiday this weekend in limited run for a limited time of 48 hours only. The "Kills For Thrills" capsule collection features the much coveted and infamous "Minnie Hellz" shirt with graphics by Miss Lawn herself, a tough leather wrist clutch with a slot made specially to hold your cell and the HELLZ "Gun It" canvas tote handbag. The capsule collection is only available online via: the HELLZ online shop, so drop them in your cart and check out before they are gone. Finally some Christmas loot you and your girls can brag about.

Release Date: December 18th (Friday)