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KRINK - K-60 Paint Marker Metallic Colors | Available Now @ colette

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Sure, the artist is as good as his talent, but good tools can push one's work to a whole new level. In comes KRINK, the purveyor of quality painting instruments for artists--street and others alike. Designed for the streets, KRINK's paint were revolutionary for artists as they were not messy to carry around like normal markers, and wouldn't fade easily in the sun like homemade inks. As such, KRINK hit the right niche spot and its business grew from there to become a label all on its own that is not just about products, but has also developed its distinct drippy style.
Just dropped at colette is a KRINK original, the K-60 Paint Marker in metallic colors. The squeeze bottle has a large ink capacity to endure the creation of a hefty project, it writes on most surfaces and dries quickly to reduce unnecessary streaking. The paint is opaque, pigmented and permanent-- all qualities one looks for in a paint marker. Available in metallic pink and metallic blue, these makers add an extra luxe factor to your work. Since highly technical opulent colors with shine are trendy this season, take the palette onto the streets or canvas to amp up your work.