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Les Ateliers Ruby x Sponge Bob - Pavillon Helmet

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French helmet producer Les Ateliers Ruby have been at the forefront of innovative designs on helmets with the Pavillon being the flagship model that have led the brand to wear it is today. A basic open face helmet is decorated with custom designs unlike no other seen on the current market fusing good design with eye catching styles and of course quality.

This is by far one of the most radical design put out by Les Ateliers Ruby which celebrates the American pop culture icon Sponge Bob for his 10 year anniversary. The face of Sponge Bob transcends nicely onto the helmet which would definitely attract attention and probably provide some laughs for the motorists behind the wearer as Sponge Bob is looking directly behind with his signature smile. There are only 200 of these limited versions made in XS to XXL sizes. via: colette