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BAPE - Spring 2010 - BAPY Reprise

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For girls who enjoy BAPE, it's rather sad that the only thing they can call their own are probably jus tees and accessories. For those who remember, BAPE used to have a girl line named BAPY. BAPY had a retro-French feel and carried items such as sailor-striped pea coats and pastel blue cords. For Spring 2010, BAPE is tapping into the extremely profitable women's market again by reviving BAPY with a new name, BAPY Reprise. NIGO brought Eli Tsukimoto onboard as the new director for the line. The choice is a fitting one, as Tsukimoto is a highly popular model turned fashion icon all in her own right, and commanded the attention of countless girls in Japan as a trendsetter. 2010 looks like it will be a great year since boys will no longer be having all the fun! via: NIGO