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BAPE - Tiger Down Jacket | Release Information

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In terms of animal kingdom hierarchy at BAPE, tigers seem to be enjoying an equal amount of spotlight as the label's mascot creature, ape. A series of products with tiger prints have been released this season, including a previously reported Jagged Camo Tiger Down Jacket. The puffy down jacket takes the hoodie version into the winter as it is puffed and stuffed to keep its wearer insulated for the colder days. While the jacket was supposed to be a Aoyama store limited edition, the jackets have finally made their way over stateside for fans and will be dropping in stores today and on the webshop. The jacket features the same paper-cutting inspired tiger print on the hood and jagged camouflage print all over the jacket. The puffer comes in five colorways and three of them feature half camouflage printed hoods. For those who had been eying the jacket since it was introduced at the beginning of this month to go with your tees and jeans for the holidays, click on over and don't wait to check them out.