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Iron Man 2 Trailer | Video

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It's been two years since Robery Downey Jr.'s Iron Man swept the globe and brought the robotics of international weaponry to fashion, capturing the imagination and attention of previous and new fans alike. A playboy with a penchant for substance abuse who also happens to be one of the brightest mind in the world and became the most feared weapon-- what's there not to like? Since the movie was released in 2008, a sequel had been in the talks and the trailer for Iron Man II is finally released today. Shining madly with starry studs (Don Cheadle, Scarlette Johansson, Mickey Rouke, Samuel L. Jackson...just to name drop a few), the trailer brings in new characters to test Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man's seemingly unwavering status in the world. Intense bombing, fighting, running, flying, seducing and bleeding ensues. And don't worry, Tony Stark still retains his ever egotistical and wry sense of humor in the sequel according to the trailer. Check out the trailer at Apple and await the movie due to release in May of 2010.