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Maestro Knows - MK(13) T-Shirt | Teaser + Release Information

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It seems like Maestro Knows doesn't just know how to make awesome narrative videos about some of the industry's pillar personalities and his travels, but he now has the inside scoop on the tee game as well. Maestro Knows will be releasing his very own t-shirt, the MK(13), post Christmas at the H-Town Sneaker Summit in Texas on Dec. 27th. So far, the teaser image published on Maestro Know's Twitpic seems to point to a monochrome photographic image of the whiz kid with a skyscraper backdrop, most likely a scene from one of the episodes of Maestro Knows. For those who are slightly bored and has nothing better to do at the moment, here's a project-- to locate the scene that coincides with the teaser image and see what the tee is before it's actually released. The prize? Satisfaction of knowing.

Release Date: December 27th (Sunday)