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There is only so many kinds of collaborations one can do within the same industry until ideas become stale and boring. As consumer starts to look for gadgets that express their personal styles and creativity as well as their outfits do, tech companies have been fast to recreate coveted designs and putting artistic touches on their products. While FUJITSU and BAPE are not the first ones to put a fashion spin on computers (HP and Vivienne Tam; Dell and its artist series), the signature BAPE Camo print is bound to capture the attention, hearts and budget of the street savvy. The collaborative model is a part of FUJITSU's new FMV model due to release in 2010. The FMV line is a collection of portable computers ranging from laptops to netbooks, but is sadly a Japan exclusive product line with Japanese based operating system. For those who love the print enough and don't mind reformatting the gad with a language compatible OS, the collaborative netbook will be available next year. via: NIGO.