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Rihanna x Young Jeezy - Hard | Music Video

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As Rihanna had mentioned in her interview with GQ for the magazine's January 2010 issue, her newly release album Rated R is essentially a musical reflection and vent for everything that had happened to her with regards to "the Chris Brown thing". After a turbulent year of having to air dry her pain of abuse in the media spotlight, the only way a young girl thrown into the media frenzy with a quick shot to fame can survive is to get tough. Keeping the tough Rihanna in mind, "Hard" featuring Young Jeezy doesn't come as a surprise on Rated R. In the video, while Rihanna belts out about coming into her own, being "brilliant and resilient" in a sexy army chick get up, wearing nothing but helmet, thigh high boots, open shirt and nothing but tape to cover the crucial chest area. Playing the sex card and acting tough as a nail, Rihanna doesn't just have control over one man, but a battalion of them. Check out the fresh video from Rihanna and also take a look at her interview and photo shoot with GQ.