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Clarks Originals x Fox Brothers + Co. - Spring/Summer 2010 - Desert Boots

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What we would typically call a matrimony of noble prominence lies not in two royal families, but comes in the form of a partnership between two of England's distinguished heritage companies, footwear purveyor Clarks and textile manufacturer, Fox Brothers & Co. Both companies share more than a winded history of excellence, and are coincidentally both born out of Somerset in southwest England. While the story of Fox Brothers & Co. is perhaps less prevalent than the tale of Clarks and its original desert boot, Fox Brothers & Co. does have a background laden with history and legacy.

Fox Brothers & Co. started out in 1745 as one of the earliest entrants of the woolen industry, when woolen textile makers are typically found next to areas where sheep are farmed. The label started out as a cottage industry and later expanded their portfolio with the industrial revolution and incorporated the wool sorting, spinning, drying and weaving process all under one roof. Since then, Fox Brothers & Co, had been known for providing designers and end-product manufacturers with some of the world's highest quality woolen fabric. Attesting to this fact, the company received the Queens Award for the second time in 2000 for making the world's lightest fine wool cloth and cashmere flannel suit cloth.

The collaboration with Clarks falls on the latter's classic desert boot, as   the iconic canvas is dressed in a slightly moody but sharp grey pine-striped woolen upper. The tough silhouette is elevated into a dandy fantasy for Spring/Summer 2010, successfully bringing the English gentleman from his estate into the streets while keeping his style refined and elegant. To add a touch of sophistication into your summer wardrobe and veer slowly away from last year's American outdoor trend, pair the pine-striped boots with cuffed khakis or denim. Stay tuned for more release information to come.   via: De Jeunes Gens Modernes