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Supreme Book

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New York based, Supreme, who just celebrated their 15th Anniversary this past year, will be releasing a 304-page hard cover book next year that is being published by Rizzoli, who was the publisher for the A Bathing Ape Book that was released last year. This new book features contributions from owner James Jebbia, Glenn O'Brien, and Aaron Bondaroff. The Supreme book will officially be released next year on April 6th, 2010 but can be pre-ordered now at Amazon.

In 1994, Supreme opened its doors in downtown Manhattan and became the home of New York City skate culture. The brand has stayed true to its underground roots while collaborating with groundbreaking artists and designers, and with stores in Los Angeles and Japan, it has become an icon of independent counter-cultural style. Challenging the established West Coast skater scene and the new conservatism of 1990s New York, Supreme defined the aesthetic of an era of rebellious cool that reached from skaters to fashionistas and from post-punks to hip-hop heads. Producing clothes, skateboards, and accessories in definitively limited editions, Supreme has earned a reputation for quality streetwear with a unique attitude. From legendary advertising campaigns to especially commissioned skateboard designs and an unprecedented and comprehensive index of their clothing to date—and including collaborations with Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Takashi Murakami, Ryan McGinness, Public Enemy, Peter Saville, Marilyn Minter, Timberland, and Futura 2000, among many others—this richly illustrated book is a survey of fifteen years of contemporary street fashion and culture reflected in the pioneering work of one of New York's most influential independent labels.