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Aston Martin - Cygnet Concept

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Luxury sports car manufacturer Aston Martin have been developing an interesting concept car far away from its normal scope. The Cygnet is a vehicle based on Toyota iQ that takes inspiration from classic Aston Martin styling such as grille, front fender vents and hidden door handles along with original tail light designs and over-sized rear spoiler. Interior is also wrapped up in gloss black trimming and premium leather upholstery and equipped with an iPhone dock. Toyota based 1.33 liter Dual VVT-i engine pumps out 99 bhp and the Cygnet is good for 55 miles per gallon with a CO2 emissions rating of 120g/km as a result of its CVT start stop system. The release dates are not finalized but these are most likely to be in production in 2010 or 2011 with a limited sales in European regions only.



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