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BAPE x AMBUSH - "A Bathing Ape Is AMBUSHed" Capsule Collection| A Closer Look

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Back in October, we published a teaser on an upcoming collaboration between NIGO's BAPE and Verbal's AMBUSH. Finally, two months later, we get a closer look at the collaborative capsule collection carrying items ranging from apparel to footwear, and AMBUSH's specialty-- jewelry. Verbal (who is also the emcee of Japanese group, m-flo) takes design cues from both Hollywood and Japanese B-movies, adapting the drippy pop graphics of vintage movie posters that are ever so grotesquely captivating. The duo works on the concept of "mad scientist", namely the famed Dr. Frankenstein and works in the same manner as the fictional scientist who had captured the imagination of many through the ages by patching together the familiar to create the abject new life. Boasting over-the-top psychedelic colors washed over with vintage gore, some of the items we do see are remade from recognizable BAPE pieces. For instance, the Half-Shark-Alligator Hoodie looks pieced together from the BAPE Shark Hoodie with a new alligator half. The accessories work a mad punk vibe in myriad of colors and boasts freakish motifs of the B-movies such as the drippy graphics on the Melting BAPE name necklace, the Brain-Wash Milo Ring with Baby Milo's skull exposed. Drawing from the punk influences, the collection features colorful creepers in a patchwork of dark colors (think the classic B-movie color combos such as red and black, green and black and so forth) as well. Check out the promotional images done in style of horror movie posters and stay tuned for more information to come. Meanwhile, enjoy the "Halfsharkalligatorhalfman" track posted by Verbal in conjunction with the new Half-Shark-Alligator Hoodie.   via: Verbal