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Boldstar* Sneakers

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Taking the best of both worlds from two sides of the globe can only make something beautiful. This is especially so when the two elements are the Japanese penchant for elegant simplicity and British fearless creativity. Boldstar* is the matrimonial product of such qualities, as a collective of Japanese designers came together with London's F.O.R.C to create a collection of footwear inspired by everything wonderful about life-- earth's elements, feelings, love and of course, late nights. True to form, Boldstar* offers a solid collection of sneakers that combine classic simplicity with an edge. Thus far, the models available are the low-top Cupu and hi-top Gila. Soft napa leather and suede are remixed into block panels for a minimal, structural look on the uppers, atop clean, white vulcanized rubber soles. While the low-top is due to become and indispensable staple, the hi-top Gila takes cues from the classic desert boot but reworks a suede panel over the leather upper for a double-layered look. Easy to match and always ready for the men on the go, Boldstar Sneakers put a little twist into sneaker basics. The collection is now available exclusively at oki-ni, and there won't be found anywhere else in the world.