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OriginalFake - KAWS 4 Foot Dissected Black Companion | Release Information

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For those who have made their pilgrimage to KAWS' OriginalFake Aoyama Store in Tokyo, they would have remembered the rather startling yet whimsically loony Dissected Companion standing standing guard in the store, heart, body and soul (quite literally!) exposed. Earlier this year, OriginalFake garnered a lot of attention and interest with the news of release for the highly coveted and inquired Dissected Companion. While the Dissected Companion had been released in various sizes and colors through 2009, OriginalFake is ending the year with a bang, and putting out a black version of the 4 Foot Dissected Companion. Like its predecessors, the cartoon-ish signature skull with crosses for eyes that is signature of KAWS continue to take on a biological laboratory aesthetics, with half of its body covered and intact, the other half chopped open and exposing muscles, intestines, eyeballs and all that B-movie gore galore. Meanwhile, the body is simply washed out in black with stark yellow crosses for eyes, giving the 4 foot toy a cooler, edgier vibe. Produced in ultra-limited run of 100 for the world by Medicom Toy, these companions are possibly the hottest decorative buddies this time of the year, so for those who are looking to cop one for their homes or offices, these are now available at INVINCIBLE (like expected, these are already sold out on colette.)