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Gemballa - Ferrari MIG-U1

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The Middle East have been known for their fair share of exclusive luxury car culture with super cars being a dime a dozen. So do an individual stay apart from the usual crowd of Ferraris and Lamborghinis? Put a one off kit by Germany's finest Gemballa. Although Porsches are synonymous with Gemballa but they have prepared this one of MIG-U1 for their distributor in Dubai for the upcoming auto show.

No details have been released yet as they want to keep it under wraps until the actual launch, however from the looks of it from photos the exterior of the Ferrari has been given an extreme make over that look like it may transform into a robot any minute with exaggerated body kit, wing, wide fenders and exhaust pipes. The interior has been given a substantial face lift with upholstery upgrade as well as LCD screen that takes charge of the in car entertainment system.