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Jeff Staple Archive Collection for Urban Outfitters

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This January, Jeff Staple is releasing The Staple Archive Collection exclusively for Urban Outfitters. "We started to talk about how cool it would be to go back into the archives of Staple," says founder and creative director of Staple Design and Reed Space, Jeff Staple. "We wanted to dig out some exciting designs as well as some designs that may have never seen the light of day and reissue them exclusively for Urban Outfitters," he adds.

The three-piece collection of graphic t-shirts feature Staple's well known designs with a familiar, faded look. "We did our best to make it seem as if they were stuck in the bottom of a broom closet and then washed 30 times." True to the originals with a super-soft washed feeling to them and no heavy bulletproof prints, the only alteration is a redesigned label. Staple changed the inside labeling to create a unique stamp from their inventory system stating the design is from The Staples Archives. "Customers who never experienced Staple the first time around now get another chance to, which is pretty cool."

The Staple Archive T-Shirt Collection will be available both in-store and online at next month.

Check out the third tee below...