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Aya Takano x Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin - "Towards Eternity" Interview | Video

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Takashi Murakami's art production company, Kaikai Kiki, is a collective of some of the most creative minds in Japan. Aya Takano, known for her dream-like, fantastical and colorful paintings of floating female bodies, is a definitive embodiment of post-war cultural affluence and the seamless unification of various influences and information. In Japan, Takano is not just a painter, but she is also a successful manga artist and a science fiction writer. Outside Japan, Takano, like the other Kaikai Kiki artists, is represented by Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin who also works with Pharrell Williams' artistic ventures. In order for visitors and viewers to get a better understanding of Aya Takano as an artist through knowing her as a person, Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin created a short film interview with the artist about her life, how she got started on the painterly path, inspirations and everything in between. Check out the video and some of her work, and get to know Kaikai Kiki a little better beyond Murakami.