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Billionaire Boys Club + Ice Cream - Spring/Summer 2010 - Lookbook

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The great thing about Pharrell Williams and NIGO's BBC/Ice Cream is a lot like their music- fun, joyous, danceable, and not taking life too seriously. Just think about the brand and some of its recurring motifs-- drippy waffles, ice cream, astronauts, space dogs and laser blasters (plus the names, "Billionaire Boys Club" and "Ice Cream"?)-- what doesn't sound like a banging good time we all know so dearly as children? On some levels, BBC/Ice Cream is like the sartorial equivalent of the happiest place on earth.

Keeping on the same lighthearted, color-happy note, Spring/Summer 2010 for BBC/Ice Cream still looks a lot like playing and general merriment, just sorted into different styles and twists to suit the cheerful rumpus of different ages and hobbies. The upcoming collection still features the BBC/Ice Cream favorites of bright whimsical graphics that defy logic and subtle dressing, with a brilliant pink cardigan featuring large recurring prints of drippy popsicles to prove the point, and a red jacket with all-over black crosses (as of Red Cross, not Jesus) lined with furry collars and cuffs plus a matching gym bag to strengthen the same argument.

For those who have been following the label since it started more so as a tees, hoodie, jeans and sorts company into a tailored venture with its own ideals and sense of style (fun, still fun), BBC/Ice Cream had been releasing suits, button downs, blazers and in general, more sophisticated "grown up" items, but retaining a childhood wanderlust. Last season, there was a tweed blazer with contrasting lapels that conjoined into a loving heart, this season, navy and white tweed fabric more likely to be spotted on CHANEL for the ladies than boys is remixed into a manly, boxy blazer. Aside from that, menswear staples have been reworked through the BBC/Ice Cream lenses, as broad ties are shrunken to top button downs and paired with roomy tweed trousers, preppy red cardigans are lined with random tan leather piping and patches then topped over denim button downs with contrasting olive collars...

Aside from prep school chic, the playground menace and the fun dandy, American outdoor gear makes a quick appearance in flannel and denim vest adorned with embroidered patches that makes it hard for one to peel his eyes off the sleeveless number. While it is always fun and games for the boys with BBC/Ice Cream, the ladies get styled into the look book shoot and take a spin on the label's tees, hoodies and cuffed denim shorts, providing a great inspiration for girls to steal their boyfriends/brothers' gear.

Take a peek at some of the looks from the BBC/Ice Cream Spring/Summer 2010 lookbook and go through the complete collection here. via: BBC/Ice Cream