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Freshness Feature: The Art of Consumption - RSVP GALLERY®

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RSVP Gallery in Chicago has been open for a few months now and the buzz around the art gallery/luxury boutique has been phenomenal. We recently caught up with two of the three partners of the space, Marc Moran and Virgil Abloh, to get a better idea of what RSVP Gallery is all about. In our conversatin with Marc and Virgil everything abut RSVP Gallery is covered from the brands it carries to the various upcoming projects we can expect to see come out of the RSVP Gallery. Additionally you can get a closer look at various products that are currently stocked at RSVP Gallery including Kaikai Kiki plushies as well as Lupe Fiasco's Trilly & Truly apparel collection.

> Freshness Feature: The Art of Consumption - RSVP GALLERY ®