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MASH SF - Holiday 2009 Tees

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With the holidays right on us, one quick drop just in time for the festivities is MASH SF's release of their Holiday 2009 tees. The quintessential fixed gear bike crew of San Francisco, MASH SF, didn't just shoot for simple graphic tees for the holiday, but injected meaning into each tee. In the release, we spotted three different tees-- one created with Eric Zo evangelized professional cyclist, Tom Simpson (1937-1967), who died of exhaustion during the 13th stage of Tour de France in 1967; another urges all to "Keep on Ridin" and is an original Chuey Brand shirt for MASH. Of course, there are the tees that take a humorous stab at MASH SF's shield/crest logo and will work as simple staples for those who are feeling the SF biking crew. The tees are now available for purchase via: MASH SF's online store via: Guillotine.