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Skateboard: Evolution and Art | Exhibition

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Skateboarding was born out of surf culture in the late 1940s as a fun activity for the surfers when they are out of water, also known as "sidewalk surfing". Since then, skateboarding has evolved and moved from boardwalks to cities, and its style has also grown organically and developed into a worldwide cultural phenomenon. The first skateboard was simply a plank of wood with roller skate wheels nailed to the bottom, and the decks had metamorphosed alongside skills and style into technical items that are also canvases for personal artistic expressions.

Tracing the history of skateboarding from its root in pre-1950s all the way through today, California Heritage Museum had gathered more than 275 rare boards through the years, presenting them alongside their designers, riders artists and manufacturers for a comprehensive look at the culture. The exhibition is guest curated by legendary Z-boy Nathan Pratt, alongside museum staff curator and advisory committee members including Jeff Ho and Skip Engblom (co-founders of Zephyr), Cris Dawson (1966 Hobie Champion), Christian Hosoi (1980's World Champion). Other than an exhibition, other events such as film screenings of Dogtown and Z-Boys, Skater Dater and Rising Sun will also be held.

Definitely a good way to learn more about the skateboarding history and culture with first hand relics, the exhibition is up and running now and will be all the way into 2010 for all to get a little schooling in skating. via: arkitip

California Heritage Museum
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