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The Selby - Kosuke Tsumura Of Final Home At Home In Tokyo

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For a man whose creation thrives on surviving the end of the world, perhaps most would envisage a home redolent of a fall-out shelter chocked with survival gear-- racks and racks of canned goods and antibiotics, flash light, magnesium bars, insulation, radio, and perhaps a rifle or ten. Surprisingly, Todd Selby's visit to Kosuke Tsumura (Founder of Japanese label, Final Home) reveals that the man's house in Tokyo is nothing like a blitzkrieg-proof high-tech dungeon. In fact, it is that homey space reminiscent of your parent's suburban house your grew up and lived in for 20 years. Tsumura's home is chock full of nostalgic knic-knacks-- vintage Playmobil boxes lined a concave space in the wall, drawings, his own can sculptures (that's right, sculptures crafted from soda cans) and doodles. While Tsumura's quest for protection in his home doesn't come in forms of firearms, religious relics such as amulets from temples and the vestal virgin sculptures dotted the space, proving the best form of protection one can perhaps ask for during an apocalypse, perhaps aside from a handy Final Home jacket and old newspapers for insulation. Take a look at shots of Tsumura's home and get a peek into life of the man behind the fashion ingenuity known as Final Home. Of course, also read Selby's famous revealing Sharpie questionnaire with Tsumura. While you are at it, revel in the copious amount of unusual sculptures in the man's home.