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The Selby - The Selby Is In Your Place Book | Pre-order Now

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Let's face it, most hefty coffee table books, no matter how striking or stunning the graphics, spend more time closed on the coffee table as a decorative fixture than being perused by an actual person (no, make shift coaster doesn't count). However, Todd Selby's The Selby Is In Your Place book is bound to change that. Perhaps not of your standard coffee table book size, The Selby book actually carries interesting information people would love to learn-- of course, the man's website, The Selby, speaks volumes for the book already.

This upcoming publication documents Todd Selby's travels from New York to Tokyo, from Los Angeles to London then all the way down under to Sydney, photographing creative types in their space and natural elements. Selby's photographs gives readers an insider look into the people behind some of the most coveted items/art/designs/music/novel... of today and also comes with the Selby's famed free-hand marker questionnaires which asks fun, unexpected questions (to BMX rider, Nigel Sylvester: Please design a bike for Jay-Z). Check out the loving portraits of your favorite contemporary icons all housed under one single cover-- no clicking, no painful glares from the computer screen, no loading wait--by ordering your own copy of The Selby Is In Your Place via: retailers such as Amazon.